What to plant in your Winter Garden

What to plant in your Winter Garden

Winter is a hard season for gardening, although it is a good time of the year for some plants to grow up, most of these plants are belongs to the roots type of plants.

Winter planting required a lot of efforts and knowledge, so if you are willing to do some planting in your garden on this time of the year, we are going to give you some useful information on what to do in winter planting, and basic knowledge on what kind of plants you can plant in your winter garden…

  • Define the weather of your area:

What kind of climate is in your place, and to be more precise; how is the weather in your country at the winter? What kind of plants that are suitable to be grown on this weather?

You should ask yourself these questions before taking any kind of decisions regarding the choice of the plants, in most civilized communities; there are many centers and communities which provide such information for any gardening activities.

These people can help you with the right knowledge and tools to take good care of your winter plants.

  • Planting places:

Some plants requires special environment to grow in winter climate, root plants are suitable for an exposed soil, but other plants requires greenhouses environment, as they cannot be exposed to windy weather or low temperature air, so after choosing the plants you ought to consider providing a suitable environment for them that depends on their types.

  • Plants` types:

We have collected for you a number of plants, which can be planted commonly in winter, and on the same time it can give you a good result in production, although a deep information may be required to the varieties of these plants, as we only listed general types:

  • Onions:

Can be planted in an exposed soil, they make good production within winter, also it requires a lot of soil`s draining, and much effort in gardening, but they are really worth to go for it.

  • Winter Lettuce:

Lettuce can be grown during several periods of the year, but a winter lettuce crops is a better one, lettuce is best planted with cool weather and can grow on a lesser sunlight, although it takes a longer period to be grown up.

  • Spinach:

Can be planted within cold frames or low tunnels environment, Winter Spinach known for a good production in a moderate winter weather, but it requires a lot of attention and efforts for good results.

  • Garlic:

Garlic is a winter crop in many countries all around the world, it requires less knowledge on planting, and so if you are a beginner on this field; you ought to choose garlic as an easy crop to grow.

  • Broccoli:

It is another easy type to grow on your garden, although it takes time until its harvest, but they are rich crops, and can be planted among other plants.

  • Carrots:

You can grow Carrots in winter too, if you decided to do so, the best option is to grow them on containers at winter time, also you ought to provide a good rich suitable soil for these plants.