Activities teaching kids to garden

Activities teaching kids to garden

Gardening is a great source for everyone, whether you decide to do it in your spare time, or to devote a special time for it, it can benefit you on many aspects, beginning with a wonderful view for your garden, to a healthy food line provider for you and your family.

Teaching gardening for your children is a great way to teach them about patience, responsibility, organizing, and the value of life.

There are numerous activities and learning methods for you to apply, if you are willing to teach your kids about gardening, children learn fast, and they tend to try new things by themselves too, so let us guide you through some good paths to teach your kids about gardening through activities:

  • A plant`s journey:

On this activity you are going to simply describe a plant growing phases, from the beginning journey of a seed into the soil, until it became a single fruit or rose in our hands, and of course this is variable considering different types of plants, you can pick a single type of plants to teach them about. To let the idea sticks more on your child` mind, you can make him / her draw the steps as a painting, children love these kind of combined activities, also libraries and children stores are full of books and gardening toys to aid you on that matter.

  • The assistant role:

Children love to intimate grown-ups, make a part within your gardening activity for your kid, make him / her assist you, and tell your child information about every step you do together, whether it is seeding, or watering in a specific season, and the reasons behind these actions, and on the long run your child will gain more information, and you can assign him / her small tasks based on that knowledge.

  • The watcher role:

You will need a planting guide for this activity, read it with your kid to know the steps required and the growing phases of a single type of plants, you will assign your kid here as a watcher for this process, provide him a schedule or a diary to note everything he sees; the growth procedures, the changes, etc..

Some Children have the mindset of a small scientist within their personalities, so this is a great way to mark two birds in one shot, a gardening knowledge and a brighter future.

  • Portable planting:

Portable planting is an easy way to let the child plant his own plants by himself, a small pot will do the trick, or maybe a bigger container which carries different types of suitable plants is better for your kid, a regular supervising is always required, and also a gentle hand and useful advices are always welcomed by the child.

  • Planting easy plants:

There are some easy plants, which your child can plant by himself, it requires less efforts and knowledge, can grow on many types of environment, and also it grow in a small amount of time, and some of these plants are like:

  • Gardening with recycled objects:

Many ideas are available for recycled items for gardening purposes, plastic bottles, old tiers, fiber containers and more, these objects are very useful for planting within.

You can combine teaching about recycling and gardening to your kids by doing such activity.

Also these objects are not only limited to planting, but they are also used as a decoration for your garden.