Activities teaching kids to garden

Gardening is a great source for everyone, whether you decide to do it in your spare time, or to devote a special time for it, it can benefit you on many aspects, beginning with a wonderful view for your garden, to a healthy food line provider for you and your family.

Teaching gardening for your children is a great way to teach them about patience, responsibility, organizing, and the value of life. Continue reading “Activities teaching kids to garden”

10 Tips if you have Small Backyard

We all live in different places with various attributes, and today`s houses have much smaller options and spaces than past old houses, it is a result of the economic rumbling, and the growth of population.

Houses with small gardens and backyards are usually lived in by the middle income class people, as it is a proper solution to provide a decent place with variable options, even though it is limited. Continue reading “10 Tips if you have Small Backyard”

What to plant in your Winter Garden

Winter is a hard season for gardening, although it is a good time of the year for some plants to grow up, most of these plants are belongs to the roots type of plants.

Winter planting required a lot of efforts and knowledge, so if you are willing to do some planting in your garden on this time of the year, we are going to give you some useful information on what to do in winter planting, and basic knowledge on what kind of plants you can plant in your winter garden… Continue reading “What to plant in your Winter Garden”